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Falcon MD20 or a Whites Mxt. used for $650.00 ????


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I need to find out what kind of detector to get to go look for gold.
Can i use the Falcon MD20 or does a guy need to spend 6 grand.
Have no idea what i am doing.
I had a guy offer me a Whites Mxt. used for $650.00
Would like to get one of the newer design sluice box's and some tools and stuff.
Does 2,000.00 work for a buget for everything or is that too much or too little.
Have no idea, i am new to all of this.
My mom is 74 and has been telling me about this place in the Colorado mountains where she was given a big gold nugget. About 1940 to 1945
When she was a little girl she lost it.
Her grandpa told her not to worry because there was plenty more where that came from.
She has paperwork on where it is and is going to pay someone in Denver for something so we can go to the place and look for gold.
I want to take her there before she passes away.
I was never interested in it before because i was so busy but have lost job since then and mom has a short time left.
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Those machines are like Apples And Oranges.

The Falcon MD20 is for finding tiny crumbs or for Ore samples. Sorta like a Pin Pointer.

The is Metal detector.

You should gOOgle them both and learn more about them.

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Hi dont waiste your time with the falcon-you have to be almost be on top of the gold to detect it and 650 for a used mxt is way to much-you can pic them up in the 3-4 hundred range-check craigs list or go to the treasure depot classifieds-hope this helps and good luck :head: Mike C... :200:

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This helps a lot.

In your opinion what would be Good



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For Colorado gold the choice is simple: Gold Bug II, plus you can find them used for a lot cheaper than $650. Higher frequency and a little more sensitive than a GMT (and much higher than an MXT) and far more packable for hiking the mountains. In fact I'd take a GBII over a $6k GPX5000 in most places I can think of there.

But a word of caution: I only know of a few areas in the entire state that will produce nugget size gold that aren't encumbered completely by private land (patrolled) and claims that have been in place for decades or more. So do your research before going out. Many of the old gold mining towns are now the homes of the rich and famous and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ski tourism and they don't exactly encourage digging it all up.

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Make a fast trip to the county recorders office in the county located. The Assessor can pinpoint any land anywhere and tell you exactly who has the property rights. Then get a nice Gold Bug Pro or Tesoro Lobo Supertraq and learn how to use it as fast as possible in town-then go a lookn'. DO NOT FILE A CLAIM as you will then have announced to the world of paperclaimers,hackers with scanning programs, your long lost gold strike area. Then when ya got pockets fulla gold get bold and claim BUT backdate location as the scammers will rip off your dream and make it theirs. This is a sic new age ,sorry,to be so negative but I get help requests MANY a year when folks get PRECLAIMED by a day or two on locations by a HUGE club owner-John

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