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Identification question from a newbie

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Just got my first detector (early 70's White's 66TR) and wandered through the desert last week. I could see getting seriously addicted to this hobby!

Most of the objects that I found were easily identifiable. However, I came across several small non-magnetic stones/ingots that lit up the detector. I was unable to identify these. As they are all black or grey in color, I assumed that they are not gold. I have added a photo to this post and realize that there would be little hope of having them identified by a photo alone. I have a silver/gold testing kit on the way from Amazon, so I may (or may not) get some help there.

A couple of questions for the veterans out there:

1) If these are not silver, are there any other metals of higher value that the detector would pick up (or would most of this be low-value metal like lead)? I don't want to discard them if they may have some value and I tested for the wrong metal.

2) What are the best methods to identify the "natural" metals that I might find?

3) I'm guessing that if the stone/ingot does not react to a magnet, it will not be any sort of meteorite (no iron content). Am I on the right track with that assumption?

Thanks to anyone who may shed some light! Great forum you have here.


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A distinct possibility on the Depression (or other) Era campfire. This was an area west of the National Park in Tucson. Fair amount of traffic over the years. My guess was that at least two of the pieces were all or part of lead bullets, severely deformed. Neither had identifying marks like grooves or circles where the base was originally cast. But, after seeing a few gajillion deformed cast lead bullets, these raised the flag.

Thanks for the input, everyone!

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