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Need a "Critter Gitter".

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Being harrased by squirrles and other undesireables, so I'm looking for a good powerful "BB" gun to eradicate the pests.

Since it's not reccomended to use a .22 in a residential area :nono: , y'all have any suggestions?

Something with a pretty good punch at around 50 ft.? :41:

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I shoot, poison, blow up with propane, at least 100 ground squirrels a year. big problem in vineyards here. Get yourself a high quaility pump pellet rifle with a scope the pellets go right through them.


Got a name of brand or modle?

My ol' Daisy from when I was a kid won't do.

Even Discharging a Air Rifle in the cities and towns is a no no most places.

I would just get some CB or BB Caps and use the .22.

Got to be fairly quiet, that's why I'm thinking of using an air rifle of some type.

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I kinda like this one! :idunno:

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Dude, I'm shootin' squirrles, not Big Horns. :25r30wi:

I know....but that was a nice gun! Check out the Benjamin Pump Rifles. They have been around for years and have a proven track record. I figure new you are looking at about $150-160.


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Tellin Ya! CB or BB Caps!

Did some digging for ya.

"The Aguilas are the length of .22 longs, and both RWSs are very short &
stubby - shorter than .22 shorts. Despite being labeled 6mm, they are


A. Accuracy Ranking:
1. Tie - Aguila Super
Colibri and RWS CB Caps - the Spitz/pointed bullet ones - if anything the
Aguila may have been a smidgeon more accurate, but they are very close.
3. A
distant last place of the 3 are the BB Caps (round bullet). Dunno why
these are worse than the pointed ones, but horrid accuracy (2 inches @ 10

B. Quietness (surprise):
1. The Super Colibris are much, much
quieter than the RWS's - no comparison. The Super Colibris are roughly as loud
as a magnum springer airgun, or less, and the two RWS ammos are much closer to
CCI CB cap longs.
2. Tie - Both RWS's

C. Feeding:
1. The Super
Colibris feed perfectly fine one at a time in the single shot with ejector, and
stacked 5 high in the mag of the turnbolt repeater, all fed fine if I cycled
fast. If not, sometimes they would pop high, but with a manual push down on the
front of the round, they would slide in.
2. Tie - But the short stubby RWS's
are hard to place in the single shot without them falling under the ejector, and
sometimes they fall under the ejector upon attempted ejection, which then
requires a pocket knife to extract the case. A PITA in the S.S. In the turnbolt,
they would actually feed great from the mag, but only 1 at a time, not stacked

D. Ballistics:
1. Tie RWS CB & BB - Both are supposed to be 17
gr @ 750 fps; stands to reason as they are much louder. But this is right at
standard .22 airgun performance, with more noise, so....
3. Super Colibri is
supposed to be 20 grains @ 500 fps (whereas the regular colibri was/is 20 gr @
375 fps).

E. Game Performance: Mostly unknown at this point. I was really
hoping for good accuracy on the BB caps, as the round profile should be
devastating on grackles & starlings, but alas, that was the round with the
terrible accuracy, and thus completely unusable in the guns I have designated
for pests. So very disappointed in that fact. The pointed profile is the same on
the CB caps and the Super Colibris. Good for penetration, but that's not really
needed on birdies. The Super Colibris work very well on grackles. For some
reason, starlings are tough little numnuts, sometimes dropping but sometimes
flying off after being hit with these or .177 pellets.

F. Price:
Super Colibri: $3.80 for 100, and $19.00 for 500, @ www.22ammo.com
Tie - Both RWSs: $16.95 for 100, and $78.25 for 500, @ same place

All in
all, looks like hell is a cold place these days, since Mexican ammo is as good
or better than German ammo at over 4 times the price!! eek.gifmad.gif However, I can see a
place for the faster CB Caps - Urban Crows, which are tougher than starlings
& grackles - the extra vel should help with rapid expansion, and add a tad
more range, since crows are so wary. Still, too loud for common urban use. Maybe
this time of year (around the 4th of July), no one would think twice of the
sound, however.



http://www.22ammo.com/rws.html "

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The rifle I use is about 3 years old it is a remington vantage .177. the scope is not the best but they are only about 140.00 at amazon. I use the pellet with a red pointed plastic center they act like a hollow point the plastic point goes right through and the lead expands inside the animal. I think they are about 1200fps only takes one pump. They are almost as loud as a .22 but the pellet will not travel a mile like the .22. 1 inch groups at 60ft. It has taken a lot of abuse by the workers but still shoots fine.


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I use a Gamo Whisper model in .17 caliber. It has a built in sound reducer (can/silencer) will shoot paba ammo at 1200 fps but has a noticeable report. When you shoot lead pellets the velocity is reduced to sub sonic and is very quiet. It came with a pellet gun scope, but I found it to be better with the open sights

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As a kid we shot squirrels with a bow and arrow. No guns allowed. One time the squirrel went up the tree with my arrow and I had to climb the tree.

My step dad would trap cats, squirrels, raccoons and possum. Just drop them off in a different part of the forest at night and they are gone.


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Naw The New Daisy's are sissy things.

Back in the Days you could hit a Rabbit with one and it went down.

Now the BB's Bounce off a double layer of Bird Feathers.

330fps or so.

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Now hold on, I'm a little confused here. How exactly is it are you being harassed???? Is he out there sittin on yer porch railing, eyeballin you hard and chortles loudly as he's flipping you middle claw? Really? Now I've been, in the passed, harassed by law enforcement, and city officials (inspectors and the like), I've even been harassed by neighbors that got themselves convinced that they have some sort of authority. But I ain't never been harassed by any kind of critter, we do have way too many stray cats in the neighborhood and they can be annoying. And I would love to rid my neighborhood of most of em. If I was to just let my dog out the door loose, a cop would quickly show up and promptly kill it, and my neighborhood has (supposedly strict rules about "ALL pets MUST be leashed or contained somehow), yet folks can let a cat out the door and allowed to run loose fer days, and nobody says a word. What's wrong with this picture, sorry, I don't much care fer cats, especially stray ones. Steel pan, you plan on eatin them squirrels, they are good eatin, cept maybe city squirrels, I think they eat too much bird seed and processed bread crumbs. So if'n you got a mind to, just fer fun, senselessly murder wild critters, maybe you ought to re-think yer game a little and take out some stray cats. So to end this opinion of mine, in the famous words of Bedrock Bob "I don't kill coyotes, I just wash em!"

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To answer your question Rockhunter, "How exactly is it are you being harassed????".

At home, they, and Coons too, come in through the cat door, tear up stuff on the counters,

and doo doo all over. Gotta have the door, cats must go outside,

I won't have a stinky cat box in the house. boorb

Up at the claim, the little bas$%s are even chewin' holes in my cabin walls and any place else they can get a tooth hold.

Even chewed a hole in the corner of a window frame once.

Once inside, they stuff chewed up paper towels and pine cone pieces in my waders.

They won't touch D-con, but Chipmunks will.

They just make a general all around mess in the cabin, ya know, crap and piss everywhere, even

on top of my canned goods. I don't dare leave anything

edible out side of a closed tin can.

I am slowly finding their access points at the cabin and covering them with sheet metal.

But until I can get the places totaly sealed off, we're at war. :41:

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One day here at the house the Wife and I was watching some TV.

I noticed a Hole in the wall about two ft from the Roof.

It was a Perfict CIrcle and I was thinking the Kid had Thrown something and made it.

Then I found one in the Bed Room.

In the Dining Area.

WHat ta hell , I say.

Then one in the Bathroom.

The Mice had gotten in the Walls of the Mobile Home and wanted from Fresh air.


Edited by homefire
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Hey man, after yer description, I now understand how you could be havin a problem. By all means, wipe em out. Don't know what to tell ya 'bout yer cat problem or a cat door short of git rid of those too. I ain't cared fer em too much personally, but some folks do like em, and it ain't my place to be so critical. So good luck with all that I guess.


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