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Took the MTN bike for a ride.....


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Decided to check out a single track in my back yard. Going up an alluvial fan I noticed many many sample dig holes in the alluvium. Cant imagine what they were looking for, but gold is the only thing that comes to mind with sampling like that . :89: Then I got up higher on the hill and started noticing prospects here and there....

Looks like a mine over there, think I will ride over and check it out! :brows:


They definately were digging into the outcrop, but only an old building foundation remained. Or "boulderdash" was here stacking rocks :inocent:


Beats me what they were mining for :idunno:

The trail got a little narrow and steep sided .....cool ! :thumbsupanim


5.9 mile round trip, heres my track pic.


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