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still working on getting more cons for feeder video


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I didn't get payed in time to order the shoulder high gloves and after moving 18 buckets of 1/2'' rock the pan didn't look as good as it did this summer. some new people most be coming down there. There are highbanker pile's are about 300 feet from where I stopped last summer and the piles are covering up the pay streak who ever put them piles there must not use a pan to find out where to dig to get the most gold. I do that first thing then when I pull up a blond colored bucket I know I just hit the edge of the streak. but oh well it looks like we'll be moving high banker piles today so we can clean up the streak they missed. I got money it was this guy how first called the cops on use he was kinda mad we where covering his holes in the bank he was making for over a week then one day he was there making holes in the bank telling us we can use a highbanker and if the cops catch us they well take are stuff so we said well it looks like we are both braking the law your digging in the bank under mining the bank as well. but he was the only one doing wrong minutes after he left the cops showed up and said nice color and did nothing. we where running a gas high banker. the next time down there I brought my electric high banker and this guy was there still digging in the bank and under mining it. I dug on the pay streak in the river all day and at the end of the day he looked in my highbanker and said wow the next morning I was there early and set up running my first buckets. he shows up with his gas highbanker and sets it up right on my hole where I had my digging buckets and classifier dumping his tailing right in my hole and started digging at the bank I was kinda pissed but I just moved down and started a new path down the streak.

heres are day out yesterday it shows more of the highbanker and control box digging and the fact I used my car battery to run the pump but the big Q is did it start my car after 5 to 6 straight hours of running it
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man them would have keep the arms warm but no cabelas close by and dick's showed a nice per but there a internet order thing

I just mite order them for next weekend thanks homefire

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