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Gold and Treasure!!

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So I talked to Bill a few weeks ago and had the chance to show off some of my finds.... he asked me to post he thought there might be some interest... Well all the gold was in the past two years and everything else probably the last 12. The square bead came from Bumblebee found while detecting looked down and it was next to my tiny coil. The arrow head was on the White tank mountains. I found it at the top of a hill where we (Dad and I) stopped to glass for deer. All the other beads, tooth and the figurine came from near Roosevelt Lake. The smallest two beads are 1/16th of an inch OD. The tooth is a baby molar and rock replaced the roots inside of it. The figurine is awesome!!! Pictures don't do it justice. It has a face with a mouth and ears, four legs,and a tail. Not sure what the purpose was other than to look at but that is enough for me. If you have questions or want more info just let me know. Enjoy.












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I forgot a cool stone..... Fell out of my cousin's gut shot deer while cleaning it.... I scratched it with my knife and it has layers like a pearl. My guess is a kidney stone but not sure cause the deer was only a spike.... just a year old. Huge stone for only a year. It is an inch at its longest spot.


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