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Treasure of a different kind

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Hi Guys--

Have been reading about ambergris for years and found an interesting article on it. So if anyone is hunting the beaches and starts smelling something foul--- better check it out. On the other hand, it's illegal to collect in the USA. Who'd thunk it?



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Steve, I found a well rotted whale on an isolated beach in Baja at a place called San Rafael. The coyotes and birds and just about stripped him but there was one place that they left about a 4 foot space undisturbed and there was a chunk of some thing very dark like a chunk of crude oil. When I moved it with my stick the already very bad odor seemed to double. He was a "Baleean (sp) whale and I don't know if they make it or not but he smelled so bad we had to move a couple of miles to get out of his range. I don't know how you would of transported it any way if it was ambergis.

This place was so isolated and well off the main road that you could spend days there without seeing another vechile. In fact the next person coming there saw my tracks and in following them broke the crust and stuck his Tacoma so bad he was there for a week an managed to get word to his family in CA to come and get him out, the tides had gotten higher and he didn,t realize my tracks where a week old, of course we where taking bird pictures not looking for gold!


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Max- I think only sperm whales can produce ambergris. That dark thing might have been the liver??? I can only imagine the smell of something like that. Even if you'd known you found ambergris, what would you have done with it?

The only thing I can think that smells worse then a rotten carcess are my farts.. :yesss:


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