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HAVASU - BLM Travel Plan Meeting Scheduled

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What this means is that they will likey be wanting to shut more land down.

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Jim thanks for posting the info. Is there a link to what the BLM is proposing?

There are links within the links. As is point out one who was represented, the prospectors were not mentioned and the 4-wheelers are not tuned to the specific needs of the prospector. I hope some prospectors do write in and show up.

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Thanks, I did find the information concerning the proposed travel plan(s).

I can safely say from past experience that, if the prospectors/miners do not show up and voice their opinions and wishes, they will not be given any consideration when it comes time for the BLM to make final decisions and implement their Travel Plan. You can be sure other interested organizations and individuals will be there, especially enviromentalists wanting to restrict access and use of public lands.

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