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Meteorite, meteor-wrong? ... interesting find

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This is my first post so hi everyone, im Tim from Australia, not an avid gold prospector or meteorite hunter but always on the lookout whenever im in likely country, a bit of a passion for geology

About 6 years ago now while camping with my uncle and family in the flinders rangers (southern central australia, a rocky mountainous desert you could say) we came across this rock, which stood out clearly from everything aroung it.
Brought it home and one day was able to smash it open...and have always wondered if it could be a meteorite.

unfortunately it doesnt attract a magnet so i understand its unlikey

its density is ROUGHLY 3.7 g/cm^3
My photos arent very clear but it has a thin 'crust' of blotchy brown tones
Certainly to me the most striking thing about this rock is its weight, nearly 750 grams

Any thoughts as to what this might be or if it could be a meteorite?








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