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Shadow Patch ready for nugget digging training

Uncle Ron

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Yo All ... Our shelter pup, Shadow Patch, is growing fast and proving to be the smartest dog I've ever had ... He understands words and directions and also can communicate back ... Anyhow, I'm taking him for Joe NoShoulders training in New River next week and then starting his nugget hunting training .. He has an amazingly sensitive nose and I think he's gonna do great ... Here's a quick pic of him I took tonight with my phone ... He's grown from 20 pounds, when we got him in late Sept. to 60 pounds as of today ... Awesome dog and very scary bark and growl ... We were blessed to find him in the Wickenburg shelter ... Cheers, Unc


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Awesome Ron!

He's a handsome dog.

started playing hide the nugget with Ruby(my prospector in training) She finds it more often than not, but I think she is smelling me. Need to work out a way to take my scent out of the picture. If you care to pass on any tips as you go, i'm sure others will be interested as well.

Good luck!

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Congrats, Ron, on the new family addition. Glad you got a pooch with an excellent nose as that is a primary warning system against rattlers -- especially in heavy brush. My guys are scheduled for their annual rattlesnake inoculations next week and an avoidance training session a month or two after that.

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