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Really don't want to give Billy a big head, but-


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We all are known not to read instructions, warranty papers and such. I've been running Minelab PI's for probably 12 years from the 3K to present 4500?? I can be rough on equipment, actually not rough, but use it. Things break and you buy new. I have gone thru (or bought probably 4-5) pairs of Koss UR30 headphones since the 'beginning'. I've broken headstraps, broken wires, broke ear cups and last pair, ran over with my quad (on short raunts, I clamp headphones on my leg,they jumped off one time too many); anyway, I just order another pair.

Was talking to Bill couple of weeks ago (and after I ran over headphones-not really my fault!) and asking price on new UR30's. He told me, but was first to ask why. Actually, I told him what I did and he told me they have a lifetime warranty and what to do.

Sent them to Koss w/ a $9 check, 2 weeks later, got a new set today in mail.

Kool! Thanks Billy!


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Good job Bill. I do my best, but with him living so far away, it's difficult to keep an eye on him.

Shep, I could SO jump into your post. But because you will probably have a potatoe for me at the "Q" in a few days, I'll just leave it be.

Your very dear and loyal friend,

Patrick .....

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Billy, I've used 3 different headsets, Koss ur30, Grey Ghost and Detectorpro. Always go back to Koss and will try not to abuse the warranty. Thanks for the heads-up!

Patrick, you're another story- no twiced bakers till I see a nugget from a Whites


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