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hydraulic mining question


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Guys i read some abouth hydraulic mining and have few question if you know some abouth that tupe of prospecting. In my creek there its layer of anciend gravel deposit in river banks. Somewhere its completly eroded by force of torents and somewhere its more less intact. I thinks that gravel its sourse of gold i have finding and thinks abouth how to prospect it. I got idea to make wooden slice box frame, 50 x 200cm like old prospectors sluice looks like. And tu put inside some miners moss like carpet and over it diamond plate and to secure it in place. On top to make like sluice box flare and with my water pump hose and firefighters nozzle to hit ancient gravel deposits and to wash that gravel try this device. Its there chanse to that katch some gold if it be in gravel?

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Yes there's is a good chance if there is gold in the old gravel, and your sluice is built correctly for the flow of the water and gravel, that was how many of the old gravel benches were mined in the USA by the old time miners, but they also washed out some of the gold doing it this way but there was lots of gold, so if they caught 50% of the gold is was OK!!

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One thing to remember about old hydraulic pits. They never got all the gold, spend time to figure out where they screwed up and missed the good stuff or lost what they did wash. Clay was one of their nemesis. Even the Chinese her in Ca as thorough as they were cleaning up after the Anglos quit still missed much.

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