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More goodies from the honker patch

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I went back over to the honker patch again today, this time I went alone. When I left the valley this morning it was raining and when I got back into the valley this afternoon it was raining again. But it was a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine at the honker patch.

I dug a total of 2 holes and found 2 nuggets, the total weight for the 2 nuggets is 6 dwt's.

Enjoy the pictures, there will be clean pics later...



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Russ in the second pic the nugget on the left looks like a boot....

How far apart are all these nuggets you and the boys have been taking out?

Thanks for the pics.... :thumbsupanim

Don and Uncle Ron, most of these nuggets are very close together, one hole had 4 nuggets in it and there was a 2 nugget hole twice. :89: There are, or I should say were nuggets every few feet and several were in a stright line you could pull a string over the top of them.

So now we're just taking 4" off the top at a time and detecting it again, we've dug it down 3 times this way and found more gold every time. Lots more deep ground there in that stright line so there's plenty more digging to do and will be more nuggets.

The area is a large placer area that very few people know about and several other patches have been found in this area. We take all precausions when we go out there... :200: I hide the truck about 200 yards away from the patch and hike into the area.

Here's a pic of the gully where most of the 12 plus ounces of nuggets were found. The main wash below this trib had another 6 ounces in it we found several years ago, but could never find the source. Now we've found the source and are thinking it's pocket gold or a vein, I know very little about either one. Maybe Bill of someone might know or maybe John B. will chime in and put in his 3 cents worth. :old::idunno:


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