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love my modded 3500

Scott W.

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Hi Bill and All

well I just had to get out today. went to a 10 yr patch thats been hit real hard. got there started with 16"NF on sensitive 2 turned the gain up 3 or 4 turns and hunted about 2hrs with no luck (small patch) I thought I was gonna get the skunk. well I turned arround and headed back to the truck. wait I'll put my gpx3500 in senitive 3. very noisy and turned the gain all the way down. things started to change, the machine got real stable and quiet. Then off I went started to dig a few hot rocks and some more bullet frags. half way back to the truck, bam got a good signal, dug down past the loose dirt. target louder and in the hard pack. YES! I knew I had one. yep About 8" down got this little thing.

Here it is 12.2grs

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Hello Scott,

Way to go , is this part of your rehab ?

Hi Mike thanks

Im liftin 30lbs on a curl machine at therapy, so I thought I'd give a try Im diggin with my left arm. besides its more like mental therapy :4chsmu1:

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Hi Scott, I also run a 3500. Who did your mods and what did he do to improve the detector?

Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob

Isamal did the mods, you can go to his web site and check the 3500 mods. he does different mods. Russes and mine are different mods,but the same. like mine has the stock senitive, 0ne, and two. a smooth mod, gain knob, stock deep, deep one. Russes has only one senitive, sorry its easyer to go to his site. :idunno: Russ may still have the address. :thumbsupanim

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