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I do admire these guys


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It go`s against human logic to throw yourself off a cliff. These wingsuit guys are among the elite in the hobby that I wouldnt dare to attempt. I have 8 normal skydives under my belt and I may just keep it that way.

I urge you to watch the entire film as there are scenes in HD full screen that will baffle & bend your mind. I do admire the skill and focus of these men.

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Was watching golf this afternoon on tv when I thought I saw was a wingsuit zipping across the top of the screen. Turned out to be a wooden model made to look like a wingsuit. Someone launched it from the cliffs nearby... They did show the parasails out over the pacific ocean. Amazing how those seem to stay up for hours at a time. I wouldn't mind trying something like that but wingsuits are out of the question.... :25r30wi:


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At 4:17 I threw up!


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