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Hey guys got a question for y'all recently I've learned of two spots up here in Wyoming where I prospect that were hydraulic mined 100+ years I've been able to located one of them by gulch name using Google earth and seems to show the wear on the ground and the stripped bedrock the other place doesnt have a name just a description saying the creek above an old townsite in the area.....anyways I have searched up and down on Google earth trying to figure out where it was they did the mining but there are no unnatural looking areas that I can see such as stripped bedrock or something..... any of y'all ever hunt in an old area that was mined that way and what signs would you look for? Can't check it out in person too much snow right now

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Look for the raceways where the sluices were set as them boxes of old lost LOTZA gold and prior to the sluice entrance as a lot never made it that far either. Gold miners work the bedrock and prosper-John

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There are several folks on here who have worked extensively in the motherlode region and tracked those old hydraulic sites.

There have been several threads on the forums about them.

Ray Mills, if memory serves me, had a good thread not too long ago about this. Or maybe I read it in the GPAA mag (he writes in there, too)

I'd love to just actually see a site like that in person, rather than books and other folks' pics. Some day :)

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I have 3 on my claims out in the trinity mtn,kalif. Hydropits galore with raceways eaten into solid bedrock 6-8' deep with a zillion tons a tailings at the ends. Nice hike,bring BIG bear/cat gun though as they own the pit!!!!! John.

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