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recalculate highbank AZ dirt help!


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Im new to this and have a few questions on what to run in my highbank. I am building my own out of aluminum. Its going to be 18 inches wide. Q1 how long should it be? Looking at 36 inches or 48 inches. As far as water. Q2 how big or small of a pump do I run? Looking into 1 2000gph or 2 800gph. In the sluice, Id like to run a v mat then minors moss under expanded metal and angle iron. Q3 what gauge of expanded should I use. Q4 how big of angle iron do I use? Q5 how far should I space those? I would be mostly running Arizona dirt from flash flood washes. Sometimes some mountain dirt. Q6 where is a good place to start? Is there anyone here in AZ close to Tucson Casa Grande area that would like to meet up and talk prospecting?

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Also what angle do I run it at. Ive done a lot of reading and seen people say for every foot the sluice is drop the bottom that many inches. So if I run it at 3ft the drop the bottom end 3in. Im curious on if that's the rule of thumb or maybe just a starting point.

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Q1: I'd go with 48" and have a longer section of expanded over moss.

Q4: It depends on the size of material you are running and the size of Gold you are recovering.

Q5: The water flow running over the first riffle should keep material from building up in front of riffle # 2, etc., etc.

4" to 6" apart

Yes, start at 1" to 1' and adjust from there. I always look for a cross hatch patern on top of the water flow.

JMHO, there are others here with a whole lot more experiance than I. :kap:

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My opinion is to spend a couple of extra bucks and get the bigger pump. I put a valve on mine to meter the flow. I don't like to have any mechanical devices running at full capacity (works them to hard and they wear out quicker). Also I found it useful to add a T to the plumbing and add a small valve to run water into a pan or to use as rinse. Good luck

If I fall down and hit my head and come up with anymore BS I'll let you know.

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This is my first post here, and I thought I'd chime in since I've been working on a recirculating sluice for the Wickenburg area. I’m still in my first year of prospecting and my poke of gold has plenty of room to grow.

I use a 2000 GPH pump for a 10" wide, 48" long suice with the first 12" rugged ribbed matting, and the next 36" expaned metal and carpet. I found the best way to do this was to first classify to 1/8" and then increase the flow so the material "Danced" inside the riffles. I adjust the angle pretty high to get the material to move this way, probably about 30 degrees. If I don't classify to 1/8, than the expanded metal will have a buildup of rocks. I set the sluice up in a 20 gallon cement mixing tub for a settling pond which drains to a 10 Gallon cement mixing tub and I put the pump in that. I also have a bug net similar to a fine mesh fish net I use to take the organics out.

I had tried a 2000 GPH pump with the riffles set up, but I could not get the waterflow going good enough. On some advice I had, I removed the riffles and went with expanded metal only. I am still fine tuning this system. There's plenty of other stuff that could improve on this. I use a lawn and garden battery, but a deep cycle marine battery would probably provide better power. I'd like to upgrade to a much bigger water source to allow settling, but I can't at this time.

I think there’s no better way than dry washing here to get gold, but if the dirt is to wet the gold will stick to it. I’m building this system for the two months a year where the dirt is too wet to dry-wash.

Based off what I learned around here, the 800 GPH pump probably wouldn't work, and a 2000 GPH pump with a wider sluice may not be enough. I’ve also been recommended to upgrade to 3000 GPH or 4000 GPH pumps for my sluice to use the riffles, but those pumps are pricey and drain the battery quicker. If I had a good water source and dirt that had gold, I wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade to a gas pump.

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Welcome you new guys! Especialy you Chrisski :desertsmile: it has gone from this to this :th_rain-umbrella::th_panic: .

You are going to need that rig for a long time after all the rain. You will find the most helpful people on these forums and if you read the archives you can really learn a lot, I do.

Bill Southern is a good man and I have been his neighabor in Morristown off and on for a number of years and I would be happy to take you over for a personal introduction any time you come up. Check his home page to see some of the stuff he has found!

Max :olddude: Rules!

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