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Old school at home prospecting, claim & land status determination system.


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If you are serious, my old school at home prospecting & land status determination system.

The process is like putting a large multi-level puzzle together, often covering multiple contiguous Townships covering the area you are interested in. The object being to find area’s that have a high probability of containing unclaimed valuable mineral deposits that are currently open to acquisition under the General Mining Laws.

1. Compile best available historical mining data on an area of interest.

This includes, pamphlets, bulletins, booklets, geology, area economics, population demographics by race & historical maps of area of interest.

2. Compile USFS/BLM maps, Topo’s, Google earth aerial photos, ortho-photo overlays of area of interest.

3. Compile original township surveys.

4. Compile BLM Master Title Plats ( MTP for land status, etc)

5. Compile Mineral Surveys in area of interest.

6. Compile threatened - endangered species (Flora & Fauna) critical habitat within area of interest.

7. Compile historical & current road access data within area of interest.

8. Compile LR 2000 data on where existing unpatented mining claims are situated within area of interest.

9. Call State BLM office, order specific location notices & maps of unpatented mining claims within area of interest.

10. Check the local Country Recorder for new mining claim location notices filed in the last 120 days.

Once you have the data. With some work, you can usually compile/correlate a fairly good picture of your area of interest, past to present, and specific site land status.

There is no sense prospecting for something, you cannot claim, have, permit & work.

Historical mining maps often show production, type & extent of old workings. Historical data often explains the technology & mining methods originally used in any specific area.

Original Township surveys often reveal when wagon or vehicle roads were built, plus mine or placer workings not appearing in other historical data.

MTP’s show designated area’s of critical Flora & Fauna habitat, sometimes areas of critical environmental concern, all official land status withdrawals, patented fee simple lands, unpatented Mineral Surveys, etc. Mineral Surveys will show details MTP’s will not. If there is threatened or endangered Flora or Fauna, or areas of critical environmental concern, etc., in the immediate area, permitting is usually impossible.

If available, the economics of the area at the time the initial discoveries were made, is also helpful. As it often explains the costs of transportation, living & mining costs when initial discoveries were made.

Example > http://www.idahogeology.org/Products/reverselook.asp?switch=title&value=Rush_to_Idaho

Many States have a lot of online PDF file historical mining data available.

Example > http://www.idahogeology.org/Products/reverselook.asp?switch=newmaps

Once you have assimilated / correlated the data & if potential open to location targets in your area of interest exist. Then, you pack up & go have a look see. Most often, you will have to “eyeball” several hundred, sometimes several thousands of potential sites, before you find one worthy of serious consideration, work & investment.

Sometimes, you may stumble into one, on your 1st outing.

They exist, it’s a lot like treasure hunting.

I have found several worthy of production, at today’s gold prices.

The next learning curve is PERMITTING.


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Great list a gotta do's only missing sickening new FACT. You have 90 days to file any new claim with the recorders office to tie it up legally to start the claims rights process. There are MANY now who cruise around,see your sign as posted by law and then rush down and claim with a date PRIOR to your location date. Also when filing with the county their are now sickening scanning programs that scan daily files recorded and THEN they claim your new claim yet again with a prior date and your dream ends. I've seen/heard this a hundred times and illegal as LL but new reality. SO file right away don't wait and backdate 89 days as publication takes 24 hours so the scanners can't snag your new prize. John

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If one were worried about some claim jumping paper filing low life bottom feeding shyster filing a pre-dated claim over a legitimate claim you just initiated on open ground. If you are in the applicable Country seat, simply back date 90 days, physically record in the County recorders office that same day, then immediately fax the County recorded location notice to the State BLM office during business hours, once faxed in immediately call BLM & pay the applicable recording fees by debit or credit card. Timed right, doing so does not allow time for someone to paper file over you, with an earlier location date. :brows:

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ok question... if the blm has been payed but county has not been filed for 5 years and you file blm and county filling are you still a scum ? LET ME EXPLAIN FURTHER ... the blm is payed every year but filling with county has not been filed sense 2007 and markers are not put up at all .... but you file over the old claim and have been there for 2 years filling ,and posted proper .are you a scum ????? or is the fist claim owner the kind you want locking up a usable claim...? my thouhgts are... if you want the claim do the work !, take the time to file proper and take responsibilty to file proper, because the flip side is people dropping money and filling for land never meaning to use it ... and taking all the land by half filing, who is the scum sucker. its important for +49 you to keep it follow the law find them out and do it -right not half way

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o wow that sounded alot more angry then i ment it ... and the +49 no idea ..i do get fired up about people putting claims only at the blm and not filng the county if you are in utah a good part of our land filing is only done in the blm.. or people will just put claim posts up so you think its taken but its not.... so homework is all up to you the blm will sale you a claim.... anywhere...... well almost anywhere its our job to do the search i have a filing almost every month over my claim if i only filed with the blm and not the county i would have lost it a long time ago my post or markers get moved or painted over alot cause the blm will file your claim and take your money but again its your job to check the claims ,you are about to claim ... have a friend that works for the mining side of the blm and you would be suprised of the large mining companys that do not file both places being smart is the key not that i think claim jumping is right at all .....but i also can not condem the person for doing the right filing and homework...

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Grim 1 ... Try as I might, I simply cannot decipher what the hell you are trying to communicate ... Cheers, Unc

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EZ answer- ALL CLAIMS BEGIN AND END AT THE COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICE. If you do NOT file your annual Labor at the county with the required stampage as fees paid(usuary taxes too in some places), your have no claim. If you pay the insane rental fees(even new association thievery) and do not file intent to hold at county recorders office with the required stampage as fees paid(usuary taxes paid also in some places) your outta there too. I've been told MORE new rules a comn' so hold onto your hat as the small miner is DEFINATELY being squeezed out by the big boys. John

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Thanks for helping clear that up I Feel better ... I get Tired of people starting a claim only to find out that its already taken or the flip side someone has filed with the state but not the county.. for years and you. Go to file on it and get told your a claim jumper .or a bottom feeder it all sets on both county and state . Thx

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