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plans to make 2" suction nozzle for dredging


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hello guys, once you give me plans to make suction nozzle, but when my profile was deleted for safety reasons all posts its gone. can you again give me plans how to build it pls? i hope to start these days to make my eqwipment. and plans for making highbanker combo its also be usefull to me. i thinks to make something like this


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How are you buddy?? :4chsmu1:

I see that your email address listed on this forum is different than the one I have in my email address book, is the one I have still good or should I change the one I have for the one listed here on the forum,?

I've forgotten you changed your username, I also look for the sluice plans you ask about in your other post.

I can't find the plans I posted before for a suction nozzle, I'll continue to look for them, but in the meantime...

Here's a PDF file for a jet tube, which is similar to a suction nozzle, the main differences is that the pressure inlet pipe would be curved back toward you for a suction nozzle and the total length would be shorter, also you would want the tip angled instead of straight, but this PDF file will give you the dimensions you need for good suction.

You can also use the jet tube instead of a suction nozzle, it would attach straight into the top of your sluice or into your hopper and then you will only have one hose to deal with in the water, but the nozzle end of your hose should be kept under water at all times when dredging or you will get a blast of air and water into your sluicebox and it will blast out some of the gold already in the sluice, this wouldn't be a problem if you have the jet going into your hopper, but I prefer the jet tube attached to the sluice.


Edit: I did find some plans for building sluices and riffles, here's a link to the website that has the plans, I'm still looking for the suction nozzle plans.


Some more sluice/highbanker plans, I'm finding everything but the suction nozzle. :ROFL::idunno:


This maybe what you're looking for on building a suction nozzle, this is in the "Do It Yourself Projects" section at the website linked below and there are lot of other plans that may help you at this same website, just click on the "Do It Yourself Projects" at the top and it will take you to the main list, there many pages of them!!


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hello Skip, how are you? its been long from our last talk. thanks a lot for these awesome informations, its gonna helps me a lot. first of all, i now gonna try make my water pump to work, its basic thing for this operation. i thinks thats nozzle its gonna be bettter choice for my shallow water. some of my main trouble its how to make crash box for highbanker, its not classic crash box, becouse in this case you dont feed it with showel, there gravel comming from dredging hose. does i need spraw bars for this tupe of design?

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You will have plenty of water coming from the dredge hose, so no spray bars should needed, you may need a cover of some type on your hopper so the material doesn't splash out the top, or you may not need one depending on how the material enters your hopper, also with the hose/material entering your hopper instead of going straight into your sluice you will need to clear the bigger rocks out of your hopper from time to time, unless your grizzly/screen has enough slope so the bigger rocks can fall out by themselves.

One thing to remember is that when dredging you will have more water than material going into the hose, be sure not to "Hog" the material or you will get a plug-up on the hose, you should be sucking about 10% to 15% material and the rest is water, with a 2" hose all rocks bigger than 1 1/2" should be moved by hand and not through the hose, also no flat rocks should go up the hose because they will pivot and get stuck, they will act like a door and swing closed in the hose.

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IznG--Forget that keene hibanker and go to Proline :thumbsupanim website as then you have a REAL dredge and a real shovel highbanker. Dredging on grizzly bars is a fools folly as ALL gold bigger than the bar spacing goes out in the trash,they pile up constantly as NOT made for constant flow dredging but slow shovel work. You absolutely must have a box tender also so a 1 man job becomes a 2 man job and half your gold goes away. Good photos on their site will make it quite a bit easier to fab-John :old:

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