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Johnson Valley OHV area near Yucca Valley threatened with closure Sign the petition please


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The Johnson Valley OHV area near Yucca and Lucerne is under threat of closure for a proposed, yet unfunded and to not be used, 29 Palms MAS base expansion. This is San Bernardino County.

The area in question also has several mineral claims last time I checked.

The Marines can go in other directions if they want.

I know several are in CA, some within miles of this area. The economic impact of losing this area will be easily millions of dollars and lots of jobs. This is small town America that has come to rely on events in this play are. One example is the annual King Of The Hammers race (taking place Feb 8th). This event turns a dry lake bed into a city revealing those nearby with 20-30,000 team members and fans for a couple weeks. I know I spend about $4,000 personally during this event and I'm only there 7 days.

All in all our team spent a total $31,000 in Yucca and Lucerne last year for things from fuel and food to firewood and even RV tank pumping.

One year there wasn't a rubber boot to be found anywhere thanks to rain. Often stores sell out of beer and ice as fast as they can get it. The shipping store on Old Woman Springs Rd relies on over half her annual income thanks to vendors on the lake bed ordering parts and accessories for race fans or teams having to ship in stuff they can't carry or left behind.

This is HUGE for these small towns!

Please create a free, no spam account at the link below and sign the petition. Without help, this area will only be the first to go.

We need your help to keep Public Lands open and accessible.



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