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I would like to share what last summer was like for me when I didn’t find any gold at all, and the skunk and I became best friends. My lack of success didn’t result because I wasn’t working for it, though.

First, all my outings were limited to day trips due to a personal situation at home. I was always watching my wrist watch while out in the mountains. Literally, when it was time to turn around, I did just that regardless how close I was to the trip’s goal. As a result, many times I didn’t get to my destination. The situation has now changed, and I expect to enjoy overnighters during 2013.

Here is what happened on two trips. I wanted to detect using my ML Eureka the mountain slope shown in the attached aerial photo. (BTW, I own no ATV; off highway transportation for me is powered by my two feet.) My first approach was easterly from a river bottom canyon where paved highway stopped and a 4WD mountain dirt road began. I hiked the road up out of the canyon and got as far as point A, when time ran out and I turned around for home. (I had a digital camera malfunction during that trek. I apologize for having only one photo to share.) My second approach was out of a canyon to the west, where I was able to drive my SUV in closer to the mountain slope destination. However, there was no trail or 4WD road to help me once I left my car. I had to hike up across country where boulders, deadfalls and alpine undergrowth slowed progress. I got as far as point B just shy of the mountain ridge crest at 10054 ft. elevation, when my wrist watch again warned me to turn back.

This area is remote and wildlife is abundant. On the westerly approach, I took a snapshot of an aspen tree which had recently been clawed by a bear marking its territory. The scrapes into the bark extended above my line of sight, and I stand 6’ 2” tall. (S)he is a big critter.

These trip results were repeated several other times during 2012 with only minor changes to the plot:

(1) the destination turned out to be on private property and permission from the owner was not granted,

(2) the destination was on private property, but the owner had not received mineral rights in their deed from the previous owner,

(3) the destination was on public land, but it lay on the far side of private property and a locked gate.

At least I learned how to research property ownership in county assessor offices. :D

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tour, and that my 2013 gold hunting season will be more rewarding too.









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And its deep too! :brows:

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A day in the great outdoors beats a day at home. Enjoy the hikes and fresh air. And if you get some gold, woohoooo!


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Thanks for your comments which encourage me to keep on keepin' on. NS Forum is great.


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