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Need Formula Info on Elipiticle VRS. Round coil conversion

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I was under the belief that to determine the approximate comparasion size on elipticle vrs. round coils
You add the length and width of the ellipticle and divide by 2 to get an approximate comparision size of a round.

7 x 14 coil = 21 divide by 2 = approx 10.5 inch round comparable coil

Does anyone know if I am on track with this formula ??

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In elliptical's the width is the biggest factor on depth.

There is no hard perfect formula for what you want.

Use several methods then average the results.

i.e compare total area

compare just the width

width to length ratio

In calculations for statistic use the "law of large numbers" …… the more examples/samples the more accurate the results.

Or just use the nvchris method , big round ones rule!

My personal favorite current 'All around" is the NF- 17EM #2 is the stock Commander RM #3 is the NF-16RM.

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