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DOI/BLM at it again in Budget bills, take a look

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Page 190-1

Reform Hardrock Mining on Federal Lands.

The Department will submit a legislative proposal to provide a fair return to the taxpayer from hardrock production on Federal lands. The legislative proposal would institute a leasing program under the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 for certain hardrock minerals including gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, uranium, and molybdenum, currently covered by the General Mining Law of 1872.

After enactment, mining for these metals on Federal lands would be governed by the new leasing process and subject to annual rental payments and a royalty of not less than five percent of gross proceeds. Half of the royalty receipts would be distributed to the States in which the leases are located and the remaining half would be deposited in the Treasury. Existing mining claims would be exempt from the change to a leasing system, but would be subject to increases in the annual maintenance fees under the General Mining Law of 1872.

Holders of existing mining claims for these minerals could, however, voluntarily convert claims to leases. The Office of Natural Resources Revenue will collect, account for, and disburse the hardrock royalty receipts. The proposal is projected to generate revenues to the U.S. Treasury of $80.0 million over ten years.

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Copy and Paste from all the past years. Been reading this same proposal for years virtually word for word.

Don't fear the DOI - they are a known quantity - same ol same ol - year after year. Predictable as dust in the desert

It's the idiots that get to vote for you on this stuff that you need to fear. If you don't start electing people that will read and understand the crap they are voting on the agencies will continue to make the laws and put them up to the congress critters for their rubber stamp votes. A good place to start would be to refuse to elect lawyers, sportscasters and used car salesmen and forget about electing anyone who signs on to the party line - either party.

I would be willing to bet that NO elected representative (of either party) actually read the veterans appropriations bill that the fee hike was written into. If you want a better, more sane and responsive government it's going to be up to you to do it. Both parties are corrupt failures. Time to get over the politics and start conducting our affairs as citizens rather than subjects.

Just one man's opinion.

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80 Mil (usd) is a tiny drop in the bucket, misleading & a sham on DOI/BLM’s part. They are trying to get their foot in the door to do away with (repeal) the Mining Law of 1872, that has provided private enterprise with the incentives to invest in, develop, produce & provide America with every mineral our infrastructure, economy & commerce are dependent on, without the government investing a penny. Behind the government curtain, plan is to ASAP place a 12.5% royalty on all minerals produced on mining claims, on federal lands.

Take a look at the TRUTH of what domestic mining means to America.



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I agree that this is a big concern. The bad part is this is just the sugar coated version,

and is the first step to gutting the 1872 mining law. I don't buy the part of not affecting

existing claims. Notice how they mentioned reserving the right to also raise claim fees.

If they ever sneak this mess through,it will be easy to end the rights as we know them.

All they have to do is raise the fees until a person can no longer afford to keep a claim.

If a guy falls for the lease version ,then they have total control ,and can put you out of

business at will,because you no longer have the mining law to protect your rights.

They have already stated that they will be pushing this issue hard,now. They will try to

sneak this mess in every bill that comes up now. One bright spot is that Ken Salazar is

stepping down as Secretary of the Interior . The bad side is that it will be Obama that

picks a replacement. I bet he has some wacko environmentalist lined up though,that

will do his bidding. This whole scam is not about the money collected from royalties ,it

is about gutting the mining laws ,and taking the rights that are protected under those laws.

The royalty thing is just a feel good load of BS to appease the public,so they will support

their actions. Once they get their toe in the door,small miners,and hobby claim owners ,

will get pushed out of existence . It will be all about big foreign mining companies and big

investors,just like the oil,and coal companies. At this time a foreign company can't stake

or file mining claims.But if the lease thing happens,they will be allowed to lease anything

they want,once the law is gutted and the small claim holders are gone. If anyone doubts

this, check out who owns most of the oil ,and gas wells ,coal mines,and power plants in

the west now.

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Thanx much ElMnr as soooo much being thrown at outdoor folks it's almost impossible to keep up-close the forests-take my guns-royalities-fee hikes-dredge bans-complete mining bans-etc etc on a daily basis. Thanx again-John

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