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I still want to go to Melbourne and/or Bendigo which is in that area. Now is not the time because it is too hot but who is willing to consider a two week trip?


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Beautiful Golden Tomahawk with a broken handle ... wonder where the handle is ... another 50+ ounces maybe?! Congrats to the finder! Certainly made his/her start to the new year for sure!

Mike F

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Sure would like to know the story behind it...

Thats a heart stopping knee dropping nugget for sure.

Hope he spends it wisely...Probably worth 300 g.

Tom H.

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That's a hell of a find. I'd like to know more of the details like what detector was used, depth of nugget,etc.Sure it will come out in time. Just wish we could find those over here in the states.


As Bill said it was a GPX5000, I read in one of the articles that the nugget was at 60 cm, which is 23.622 inches.

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My nephews Bounty Hunter would have beeped that monster at 2 feet... Incredible find all the same.

Edited by Sport
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