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Desertsunburn (Jim Wooddell)says he is buying gold. He haunts the meteorite forums. We were just discussing it on the forum a couple of weeks ago. He was saying he pays 96% of spot price for the actual gold value. That is a great deal for placer gold. You might P.M. him and ask. He seems to be anxious to buy whatever he can get his hands on.

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Good deal, sounds like it shouldn't be too much trouble to get rid of placer gold. When you guys do a transaction on this forum do you use PayPal or something similar to make sure the buyer and seller are protected from fraud? I know a lot of you guys have been on here for years and probably have a good idea of who to do business with and who not to but I don't have much of a forum presence yet.

I did just buy a lil' guy from Frank C. I had read so much about his products on this, and other various forums, that I felt safe just sending a money order in the mail. Great little drywasher by the way, well built, mobile, and good for running some quick samples in new potential dig sites. I'd be much more cautious about mailing out an ounce of placer to someone I didn't know, so if any one can put my mind to rest about the safety of such transactions on this site please feel free! Thanks

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Pay Pal protects nobody but the owner sleeze bay-Craigslist or friends,always meet in the bank conference room for free as you and buyer protected from any GAMES . Since the Craigslist killer and the myspace murders and rapes folks are finally learning to be a mite more careful-John

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