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Since I got such a rise from everyone on the matter of claim jumping, which was my intention, maybe some of you with a larger knowledge of the system can give me some pointers on where to get current data for available claims and other pertinent information. Don't worry guys your gold is safe in the dirt. I'm not the hardened criminal that you all were hoping me to be. I am looking for maps with available claims though and if anyone knows any good templates for filing that would be helpful also. Thanks...JesseC

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You can buy good claims on eBay. Ask Uncle Ron

Ok ... So I'm a bit touchy about the rip offs selling claims on eBay ... I think the new fees will probably put most of them out of business ... Yay! ... :yesss::Just_Cuz_06: Cheers, Unc

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It seems like every few weeks, there is a gold claim for sale in my general area, on eBay. Are most of these scams? I've seen them sell for 300 to 800$ plus the 250$ "processing fee" which I guess is for all the paperwork. Are these eBay claims mostly ripoffs?

Very likely a ripoff, BUT you very well may find one that isn't, since you said "...a gold claim for sale in my general area.." it would be very easy and all about you doing your due diligence to avoid a ripoff, check out the seller's info, get all of the location info for the claim and go to the BLM, and most importantly the county's clerk office to see if the info checks out and it's a legitimate claim before preceding, if all checks out then you need to go and sample the claim, don't sample where the seller tells you too sample pick your own spots not just one spot, if the seller refuses to let you sample forget it.

It doesn't matter if you're buying a claim or looking to stake a claim you need to do you own research, sampling to make sure you're not over filing and that the area is worth claiming/buying.

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