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1872 Mining Law Under Renewed Attack in Washington

Terry Soloman

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Modern civilization, transportation, commerce and agriculture, as we know are utterly dependent on minerals that are mined. Without an ample domestic supply of minerals, there would be no modern infrastructure, industry, or commerce modern society is totally dependent on today. The 1872 mining law has provided the incentives for private enterprise to mine and provide all the mineral necessities that made this Nation great. Remove those fundamental incentives, and this Nations ability to maintain itself will begin to falter, and over time fail. A 12.5% royalty on domestic minerals will cause a 12.5% increase on almost every necessity this Nation and populace is dependent on. Only a fool would attempt to fix something so successful. So says a retired mining engineer.

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EM--begin to falter??? we're in a ungodly freefall already as totally dependent for our stratigic metals already on foreigners. This tax last nail in mining coffon-sic sic sic shat-John

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There is an old saying and it has a lot of truth in it ... "Nothing happens unless it is first mined or harvested" ... Name something if you can that didn't start out as a mined mineral or a grown(plant or animal).

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