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Cool Video On Using Borax instead of Mercury


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Interesting. I use the same process for gold casting from scrap except I stir up the mixture with a carbon rod to remove the crap

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Do you use a torch on your melting, or is it worth it to invest in a furnace?

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Dave, I posted detailed info and pictures on this process months ago on another forum and was soundly crititzed as promotimg something very dangerous.

I use a refrigeration torch that uses MAPP gas and of course any use of flame you must take safety precautions such as goggles and gloves.

From the replies i got you would have thought I was preposing rapeing the vrgin Mary, including some from members of this forum.

You have to follow the instructions!


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Hi Dave!

I use an acetylene torch as I found Mapp gas not hot enough to easily melt in an open crucibel And it would not burn off impurities well. When "cooking" the gold, you can see the impurites burn off at various temperature. The fumes change colors and things burn off and such.

This process shown is just melting gold, not smelting. It takes care of dealing with fines that are otherwise difficult to handle and eliminates the need for handling mercury.

While it's fun (for me :nutty: ) to melt gold and silver and attempt smelting using various methods, it's not cost effective by any means for small amounts. You'll have some money tied up in expendable items such as the gases, borax, silica, soda, and crucibles and molds. I bought some cheap $5 crucibles a while back. The first crucible I ruined trying a different smelt mix that once melted would not poor no matter how I tried to get it out. My second one cracked the other day after I poored some silver out of it while it was cooling down! They are touchy when it comes to temperature change .

If you are searching for videos on doing this, search around and look at the homemade gold kilns. I am slowly gathering parts for building a small kiln, but it's not real high in the project list.

That's just my 5 cents

BTW, the last nugs I had assayed from the Cibola area were 86%. Not so good! These were the nugs that I showed in a pan a while back.


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Desertsunburn and EL Dorado are entirely correct Dave, I neglected to say that all I produced was very tiny buttons. The original article I posted had instructions to make and use a gasolene torch, this was designed for 3rd world operations not for cojntrys where electricy is available at low cost.

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