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If you have hearing loss...


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I decided to share this as a specific topic after posting it in a thread of Bill's.

Please excuse the duplication.


This is for all you guys whose hearing is getting marginal,

you know, where you are starting to think that maybe it's time to get a hearing aid.

I am passing this along from recent experience

in the hopes that it will spark some of you into action.

If you are losing your hearing and are thinking about getting your hearing checked,

please go do something about it!

You may not realize - as I did not - if you let your hearing "just get worse"

that eventually if it gets to a certain point,

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, in many cases you will lose it.

You will go deaf.

If you catch it in time, hearing aids can go a long way toward preventing this.

I am not sure how from a medically informed perspective

and when I got mine I was in a hurry because I had to immediately take off on a huge cross-country driving trip

so I didn't have much time to delve into it.

Hearing loss is a big deal.

It has a huge impact on the overall quality of your life.

In my case, I was right on the edge of going deaf with no way back.

I know we are all different and this is not a 100% situation for everyone with acute hearing loss.

But please do not let pride, " being too busy" or anything else stop you from looking into it.

If your hearing gets to a certain point there may be no helping it.

One day last summer, out of the blue, I suddenly decided that enough was enough.

I was no longer willing to constantly be saying "what?" to my family and to everyone I knew

and I was no longer going to allow myself to be isolated by not being able to hear and participate.

On the recommendation of a friend, I went to Costco to shop for hearing aids.

I was shocked at how good the guy was at doing the testing and evaluation.

He didn't try to shove me into the most expensive pair,

he took the time to explain things to me.

I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to be able to hear better;

to be able to participate in life again and not feel as though I am on the sidelines.

And, I have not even used my hearing aids for detecting yet,

I am sure that will be another revelation.

This is all I could find on the specifics of what I am talking about from a fast search in Google,

but this topic is vitally important to look into if your hearing is going.

(the italics below are mine)

I just reread this and it looks a little like an ad for hearing aids or Costco,

but it's not.

It is from the heart and it is from experience.

All the best...

Q: Does my hearing loss progress?
While there is no way to know if an individual's hearing will continue to deteriorate,

the effects of auditory deprivation can worsen over time.

When sound is not stimulating the brain, the potential to "forget" how to hear is great,

and is closely related to the length of time the brain goes without stimulation.

Usually the longer the patient goes without treatment the more likely it is

the brain will forget how to hear and understand speech even after treatment is implemented.

These findings suggest that it is important to seek treatment for hearing loss in a timely manner to receive optimal results.

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Hot dang.....thanks Flak....now I know what the problem is.....my brain has forgot what gold sounds like.... :cry2:

Actually to back up what you said about the heaing aids.....that's why I use custom made "ear phones"....post-300-0-41861300-1358101360_thumb.jpgpost-300-0-17403800-1358101371_thumb.jpg

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Great write up.....

Every time I go into Costco with my wife she constantly tells me to go get my hearing checked....And i've used every excuse you mention above.....I have been like this since about 18 years old (62 now) and it is getting worse with almost always not being part of the conversation in a crowded room with background noise..... This might be the push i need....... Being very green to this could you tell me what worked for you from Costco as that is where i am going.



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Steve and all.....us old timers should remember when stereo first arrived on the scene.....I didn't believe

what folks were saying about it until one day my wife sat me down and positioned speakers on opposite

sides of the room and then I understood what they were saying.....at least a little......

These "ear phones" are even more "stereo" as they bring the sound straight dead center into your head....

you'll hear a detector make just a small "sigh" on a very deep nugget that I very much doubt you would

hear with a "head phone".....

As for volume on the Minelabs I turn it all the way up but then I'm also using Doc's screamer system and

with it the volume knob is less then half way.....

When using my GPX 4000 and the 4000 battery I still use the "screamer" but when I switch to the stand-by

5000 battery I don't use the "screamer" since the 5000 battery has a sound enhancer built in....

Their pricey but they don't "clamp" your head.....no sweat running down your neck....after 5 minutes you

don't even know their there.....my first set I had them drill a small hole in the ear piece so I could hear

sounds around me better.....didn't need to do that....without the hole you still hear sounds around you

better than with a "head phone".....

The company in Okla. City that makes mine does every thing in house.....you could probably have any

hearing aid company make the ear piece and ship it to OKC for the rest of the system....call these

folks and ask them: All American Mold Labatories....2120 S Prospect Ave......Okla. City, OK 73129

405-677-2700....800-654-3245.......email: www.allamericanmold.com ......ask for Keith McKellips

Tell Keith that his happy customer in Brazil referred you to him.....

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