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Strange find of some Maricopa county crystals

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In our back road/goat trail traveling my wife noticed a pile of strange looking rocks/ore just laying in a small pile with no apparent diggings anywhere. It had a shinny orange color and consisted on a mixture of small crystals and 2 inch plain rocks all covered with a red/orange dirt waste.

Checking it out she imediatly found a cluster of quartz crystals. So we gathered it up and it filled 4 3 1/2 gallon buckets. It has taken her quite a while to seperate and collect the different kinds from the waste material.

I have ID Topaz, Tourmaline, Quartz and the others I am not sure about, anyway its strange that it was apparently dumped in the desert, the pictures are in a paper plate for reference and there a quite a few.

Any ideals?



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Sounds like a rockhound probably camped and went through their collectables tossing out stuff they didnt want. I have done the same and probably tripped some people out when they found it. Most people that dump material are on a trip following a rockhound book from location to location. Several on the paper plate look exactly like Castle Dome Fluorites to me, as for the others its hard to tell..

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Adam, I will try to get a better shot of them when I get batterys for the camera. Some of them are exact matches of topaz from Delta, UT and others match tourmalines from Las Delichous mine in Baja . Some of them are a tabular crystal I am not famailar with.


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Steve, I am rigging up a camera to do it, then I will do them indivualy. All the material is hard,The yellow , clear and pink very hard. then there are little

chunks of broken quartz not crystal and one has a tiny tip of gold on it.

Soon: Max

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