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El D.....these were in the same area where I found to three nuggets.....some of the cubes jump

right on a magnet....

I got a piece cut off the meteorite today.....we started to cut a nice piece off the bottom but the

meteorite is just to hard a metal to cut.....the rock shop was using one of those big saws with

the water flow and using a diamond blade.....it was like trying to cut an anvil....

Here is the piece we got cut....ugly....I'm going to try and sand it and see what takes place....

1st pics if the natural surfacepost-300-0-10400600-1360011370_thumb.jpga cutpost-300-0-04182500-1360011388_thumb.jpg

the other sidepost-300-0-65787500-1360011402_thumb.jpgpost-300-0-32047000-1360011415_thumb.jpgthe last two pics

are the same cut....

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