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Uruacu Space Rock Pendant

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Don I was going to sell it, but if you want it I will let you have it the next time you come to the US or I can send you the end cut all nice and polished

Homey, I polished in on my cab machine.

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Morning Steve.....great looking work you did there but I'm not a "indian giver"....it belongs with you....besides it

might clash with pink.....

Next time your down this way we'll try to find a few more of those pieces.....if your new knees and my old hips

will make the climb up the friggin mountain again.....

Or if your interested I'll look to see if I still have a few pieces laying around here somwhere

that would make a nice bolo tie.....

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While detecting today for gold I found a very large hole and ten feet from the hole is a very heavy

(100lbs?) iron meteorite......can't tell by the dirt in hole how long it's been since dug up....but I think

possibly a slight rust has already started.....I'm planning to try and get it in the pick-up tomorrow and

bring it to the house....so my question is how should I store it to stop/prevent more rust.....

post-300-0-26018800-1359490476_thumb.jpg post-300-0-86641900-1359490603_thumb.jpg this piece is 17.7 miles from the Uruacu fall....

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Don U R A LUCKY BOY :4chsmu1:

Its most likely going to continue to rust until the existing moisture within evaporates.
I have been told in the past to place them in a low heat oven for awhile to dry out then plastic bag it.
That may not be the best way to handle it I'm sure someone with utmost knowledge should be consulted bud.

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actually, since you live in a jungle, you can't eliminate the humidity that contributes to the rusting...I would store it out of the rain and weather and away from additonal humidity such as kitchen and bathrooms...you might try drying it in some moisture absorbing medium such as those crystals that come in little packetts with some goods...

a layer of surface rust will help protect the core...that is a real beauty!


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i was going to compliment on the beautiful pendant. and then i saw the 100lb find. wow, wow, wow.

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if you cut it choose carefully...that is very interesting as it is...some buyers may want it whole and untouched...

if, I had it cut, I would level the base that you have it sitting on and then etch the slice to be sure it pairs with the other you mentioned...


Fred after looking at this piece closer I don't think it's part of the Uruacu fall....I'll try to put pics of the two side

by side so you can see the difference

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