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paydirt or overburden?


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I've read several articles on the subjects and it usually boils down to one thing...experience! I've been prospecting now for right at a year and only have a gram to show for it. Now I know that the spot I have been working has been beat to hell and back by other prospectors and I am ready to venture out a bit but I am lacking the experience of being able to tell the difference between the two in an open area. Is there particulars that I should be looking for or is the only real difference between the two the appearance of gold? Should I be looking for certain minerals to help aid in finding a good place to dig? Also there is several places on the beaten claim that there is what I thought to be bedrock but it is white in appearance and fairly soft when hit with a pick. Is this caliche? should I be digging it? Thanks

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Look up Prospecting for Gold and Silver by Arthur Lakes...It is a free Google reprint from 1895. I am about 3/4 of the way through it and have learned a lot. Not much has changed in 107 years geologically speaking anyway. Skip the first bit of the book though, as it tells you what tools you will need to be a prospector, unless you want to read it of course.


I am bored and found it for you...click read ebook. I liked it so much I printed it.

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Sounds like you may have found a clay layer under gravels. You may find that the best gravel is just above the clay and just a little way into the clay........ No tallying how thick the clay is or how far below the clay bedrock is, but bedrock is ALMOST always the best area to find gold.

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