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Hello, folks. Just wanted to stop in to say this forum has proven to be a flood of useful information. Having been born in California, my old man has a lifelong case of gold fever. Before I was old enough to understand why I would enjoy the searching myself, our family had moved to Kansas and I took my old man's pan to the creek in the hopes of there being gold. Needless to say, I never found anything. Now I live in Utah and while the gold doesn't sprinkle down from the heavens, I know we have a good amount here.

What really got me going was that during a recent hiking trip with my wife and kids, my 17yr old found a large quartz vein that looks to have gold throughout. After some digging with the USGS, I found the land is available for claiming. It's in the mountains so it's not an easy thing to test it with all the snow we have, but I'm excited to at least see what I can find. Even a little would be great. :)

In any case, I'm sure I'll be around. For those of you in the Salt Lake City area, there's a coin store in Sugar House behind the dollar theater that has a piece of gold with quartz (60:40 accodingly, I think) large enough to fill my hand and is for sale for $70K. I'll post a picture when I can find it.

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Welcome aboard Narient, great intro. When the snow thaws out let us know if you go back and get some more gold laden quartz.

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where in utah are you ? i am in utah and would love to go panning with fellow utah pospectors i have a placer mine and can help in showing you some gold areas to try .....utah has for the most part flower gold 1mm to 3 mm but some places have a few nuggets.... but the desert is a great place to play bring your own water out there or start in earil spring to find your secret hot spot ... good luck

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Like all the others say, "Welcome to Bill's NS forum". It's a wonderful place to learn. I'm looking forward to a photo of your quartz vein. :D


Montrose, CO

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