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I think there is quartz

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Well first off I'm new here and would like to say hi , I'm a noob at collecting rocks and minerals but am slowly learning about the different types of minerals are in my local area of Canada B.C. Van island and I was out for a hike along a river and I had seen this little guy sitting in a small pool of very fast rushing water I had to go in and get it after taking it out I didn't even rinse under water or anything but I'm not to sure what this is , I assume something that has grown off a small quartz rock and the water from the river has naturally grooved it a very neat manner , and the bottom if slightly flat and very smooth as if though it was attached to something seems interesting








This was all done from my iPhone 5 I'm going to see if someone has a decent camera they will trade me for my old iPod 3 I want to take some clearer photos

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Hey steve thanks for the reply the link you posted was pretty helpful I plan on going out to get some of the minerals and rocks posted in it as i get them i'll post pictures I got a decent collection right now of some local rocks, I'll sort through what i have and take some pictures of my local ones.


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