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Special Weather Statement

Dakota Slim

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Here she comes boys...

Special Weather Statement

Special Weather Statement

Statement as of 4:34 AM PST on January 09, 2013

... Cold low pressure system for Thursday and Thursday night...

... Continued cold and windy at times Friday through Monday...

A cold low pressure system from the northwest will move through

southwest California. It is expected to bring significant cooling

with much lower snow levels... strong gusty west winds in the

mountains... deserts... and coastal waters... and light to locally

moderate precipitation amounts along and west of the mountains. This

cold and locally windy pattern is expected to persist into early

next week.

* Rainfall Thursday morning... with the passage of the cold

front... rainfall is expected to range from less than one tenth

inch near the coast to around one quarter inch in the mountains.

* Rainfall totals through Thursday night... showers are expected to

continue mainly near the mountains Thursday afternoon and decrease

Thursday night with rainfall totals from late Wednesday night

through late Thursday night ranging from around one tenth inch

near the coast to one quarter to one half inch in the mountains

with locally greater amounts.

* Snowfall for Thursday and Thursday night... snow levels will lower

to 3500 to 4000 feet Thursday morning... 3000 to 3500 feet Thursday

afternoon... and 2500 to locally 2000 feet Thursday night. Snowfall

of a few inches is possible above 3500 feet with local amounts to

around 6 inches above 5000 feet. There could be local amounts of

an inch or two in portions of the upper deserts.

* Winds for Thursday and Thursday night... strong gusty west winds

are expected in the mountains and deserts Thursday through late

Thursday night. Strongest winds with local gusts to 65 mph are

expected late tonight through Thursday afternoon in San Bernardino

County mountain and desert areas and during Thursday afternoon and

evening in the mountains and deserts of Riverside and San Diego


* Temperatures... high and low temperatures around 10 to 15 degrees

below average are expected for Friday through Monday with minor

warming possible for Tuesday.

* Frost and freeze... many inland areas could have several hours of

subfreezing temperatures each night from Friday night through

Monday night with temperatures in inland valley and some Lower

Desert areas in the 20s and locally in the upper teens. Growers

should take precautions to protect sensitive crops.

* Impacts for Thursday and Thursday night... driving through the

mountains may be difficult at times due to locally reduced

visibility... slick roads... strong winds... and snow. Travel along

Interstate 8 in the San Diego County mountains and Interstate 15

through the Cajon Pass may be impacted by snow and strong gusty


* Impacts for Friday through Monday... frost is possible in western

valley and some coastal areas each night. For the inland valleys

and some Lower Desert areas... growers should take measures to

protect sensitive crops from several hours of subfreezing

temperatures each night.

Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio... the National Weather Service

website at weather.Gov/sandiego... or local media for updates.

This weather could be deadly for unprepared campers or hikers.

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Oh Bearer of Good Tidings! Thank you for all the good news! :grr01: Looks like I finally get to clean up my home office and start working on my 2011 IRS tax return! :zzzzz: Or maybe just sleep it all off! :zzzzz: :zzzzz: :zzzzz:

Mike F

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Yah ...Good catch ... I guess I should admit to the 2012 return ... I just hate the process and am still reeling from the 2011 return ... must have still been in the back of my mind when I posted that. Wish we had a flat tax ... apply the % and be done with it!

Mike F

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Yeah, maybe some nice Chanterelles in late January or morels in April. But this lousey weather will sure make my doing the Pomona Gold Show w/o Hawkeye this weekend a real drag.

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I'm stopping here at 29 Palms rather than go home so I can beat the storm for a morning hunt. I was at the Top of the Hill this morning and found some junk but no real targets. I hung around Wickenberg and then decided to come back. When the urge says 'you're done' then I just go with it.

When I left Prescott this morning I looked at Bonanza Road and there was too much snow. I guess Mike will get more of it over the weekend.


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Only 30 degrees right now here in Prescott Valley ... and yesterday's wind has stilled. I was planning a day in the office today doing taxes but the sunshine, and cloudless bluebird sky is calling me out. Back later with picks of nuggets ... or not ... either way I'm headed out very soon ... just need to find the boots!

Mike F

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