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Great day at Gold Basin !!!!!

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As a Canadian on vacation in Vegas over new years, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Gold Basin detecting for meteorites with 3 local guys who really know their stuff. Although I have been detecting for over 30 years, I was totally out of my element in the Mahove Desert and had no experience with the detector that they lent to me or searching with meteorites.. These guys took the time to go over everything with me, show me the hot spots, set the detector up for me and taught me a lot about meteorites and searching tecniques. The day was filled with good natured joking and quite a few laughs. Although I got skunked, 2 of the guys found a total of 218 grams that day. Every find was plotted on the gps and photos taken. Thanks guys for your great hospitality and showing a greenhorn Canadian how it is done. I now have a greater appreciation for the patience, research and dedication needed to be successful in the search for meteorites and after this experience and reading a little more on the subject, I now have a new found interest. Next time I WILL find one, eh !!!

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That is to cool they took you out on their hot spot. Awesome guys detectorists. Most I meet in the field are just great guys willing to share their techniques and show the finds. I have been known to teach rookies a few tricks although I am still learning myself every trip.


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Thanks Frank. These guys were great and did everything to help me find one. Even called me over a couple of times for a simulated search for a meteorite that had been located just to see if I could find it (which I did). I just didn't walk over one of my own that day, that's all. They did let me keep the "throw-down" that they lent me for the day and also gave me one from Franconia. so I didn't come back to Canada empty handed. Even though I didn't find one myself, it's really all about the search and I had plenty of opportunity for that. Since I returned home earlier this week, I have spent countless hours searching the internet, watching you tube videos, reading forums all involving meteorites. A new obsession to pass these cold snowfilled winter days here in Canada. I WILL BE BACK !!!!

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