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is there any gold in New Jersey ?

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hello my name is scott and i'm a newbie............so can anyone tell me if there is gold in NJ ? i was watching the antiques road show one time and a guy had a map of all the gold deposits in the country from the 1800's ...boy would i like to see that map again....can anyone help me ? and do i really need a million dollar detector to have fun ? what would be a good cheap detector to start out with and how much would it cost ? i love watching the youtube videos of you guys detecting !

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Welcome to the forum hookuspookus!! You definitely do not need a million dollar detector to have fun, but you do need a million dollars worth of patience and research to find gold..."fun" is just a by-product. Although I am as far from Jersey as you can get and still be in the US, you have come to the right place. This forum has members from everywhere and if there aren't any from Jersey, I'm sure there are some who have come from Jersey...they just aren't admitting it. :brows: There is gold on the beaches and parks in the form of lost jewelry, but placer gold I don't know. :idunno:

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