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Is this a meteorite?

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Was given this by a friend of mine, she said she found it... Stuck a magnet to it and determined it was real... I'd like to get more information, I've used a 27 lb pull earth magnet that I use on gold and silver and stuck it to this rock...

It overloads my jewelry scale but is >200 grams I am sure,,, fairly heavy for it's size.

She needs to pay some vet bills and is hoping this will get her part of the way there. I've got a few opinions already but I want to leave them out as to hear what others have to say.

It was found ""railroad tracks in holbrook arizona about 5 years ago""

Thanks for any help you can give.


PS: I had all images posted but it kept saying I was exceeding the limit, I've removed all but 2 images and provided a link to the rest.




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Not meteorite, looks like RR slag. Sorry.

Keep looking, though, they're out there.

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Bob, you ain't much fun since you quit drinkin'....

for the record this is a joke...I have no idea if Bob drinks, chews or rolls in white dust...

but I am still glad he came back


Nobody is much fun since I quit drinking Fred. The whole world turned into a whole bunch of p&i<ks. Then I quit tobacco and all the p&i<ks turned into downright ornery a$$ holes. I am just plain terrified of what might happen to humanity if I quit rolling in white dust.

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