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15 to go?


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I have heard it said that you get a nugget for every 100 pieces of trash. Well, 85 down. Three days out at Dale Mining. My favorite is the Ski Boot rental tag. Would love to know how that got out there. I keep picturing someone standing out in the desert wearing a ski outfit and his wife saying "I told you to stop and ask for directions".

Oh yeah, the pennies are all new, but the dime is a 1953. I thought that was kinda cool.post-26536-0-63278800-1357537926_thumb.j

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You are doing your part, keep digging...

One of the wonders of detecting/prospectingis you never know what you will find or where you will find it. I have found a few coins detecting for nuggets, they are a welcome surprise.

I knew a great nugget hunter over above Rich Hill that had found many gold coins while hunting nuggets in the Bradshaws...of course that was in the mid-80's when detecting for gold was just getting started...

you will find one


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Keeeeep swinging!

Its the law of averages...eventually you will get some yellow in the scoop and its gonna be a thrill :)

I find stuff up washes that I have no idea how it could have gotten there. Real mystery sometimes.

Tom H.

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When I find something totally out of place I too wonder how did it ever get there? Then I just blame it on a mischievous pack rat or Raven! Specially if the object could have been shiny at one time.

More Au to you, Robert

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