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Right vs Liberty

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It took over a thousand years to the 13th century for attornies, churhes, and govnments to invent CORPORATIONS. COMPTONS PICTURED ENCYLOPEDIA, 1928.

The Era of Fraudism: And One-Evil.org invented Persons. The word Person comes from the Latin word persona, which means mask. A Person is a fiction enity in an imaginary world. It does not and can not exist in the real world, where men and womb-men live. A PERSON has two(2) attributes, both of which are hearsay, which are a NAME and a Birth Date. Law books have shewed the definition to include CORPORATIONS as being a Person, is the crux of the Fraud and 'The Truth of The Illusion.'

More to come after getting some comments. Do not worry be Happy, Remember, you are forever young, you are love, you are loved, and we love you.

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Five part article from a retired judge. Creo Harmony: Great American Adventure, by Judge Dale.

Whenever confonted by any gov. official. With a smile ask what we can do for you? Whatever the answer, come with this; What is the one document you have in your possession that gives you the authority/jurisdiction to control our life and our assets? Then ask them for their bonding identification. We really are the boss and as long as you smile they will become very polite, even had some ask to shake my hand for the information, they have no idea that they are not bonded for any of their anti social behavior toward us.

Thank you for your interest, bob

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