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It's a Mineral

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I think it's Glena, Through a 10 X Loop using White Light it Flashes Silvers,Golds Purple and Greens. Under a Uv. Light and Microscope it Flashes Silvers Golds and Green Strings. The Streek is a Light Brown and White. I Have not done Eny acid tests yet for Smell or streeks It is Very Heavy With some Vains. The Cubicals are a Perfect Square some with other Squars on them, and The Fracture is Powder. eny Ideas.


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This is a pretty wild guess and I may be wrong but from you're description I'm going to say it's limonite after pyrite on mica schist. Don't know of any sulphides that streak brown or white so I think we can eliminate those. The schist would explain the flashing colors.Of course if I had it in hand, it would be much easier to indentify.


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Could be a heavy skipping rock. Always good to have a heavy skipper in your arsenal of stones.

It's Comments Like Yours that Make this Site What it is. Edited by Spur
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Chalcopyrite? Bornite maybe....?

Thanks Adam I think you nailed it after looking at google Images. there is a lot of Pecock Ore around Here. Thanks GoldFinger I will Have to look in to limonite thats a New one for me although there is a Lot of Mica here. It is just a Style of Rock I've Heard the old Timers Would look for when Prospecting for Au. Here is my take on it. The Green Flashes are Copper, and the Purple is Pt. ect.
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