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Diggers tonight 1-1-13

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Well I think that was kind of a farce, not much better than American Diggers was last year. Crawling thru a dog house, hanging from a tree, what other stupid things will they do next, but then again its reality TV made. notice how the pinpointers were signaling before they went into the hole. They never show a complete dig. My grandkids act more mature than those guys when out detecting.

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Agreed Allen what the heck is with these people? But it was cool that the stuff they dug was going into a museum at least. I guess what we do must be pretty boring if they have to add all the stupid stunts etc. This sort of thing gives all serious detectorists a bad nam and is no good having these "anything for a buck" guys representing what we do.

Sad Sad Sad.....

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I came here this moring to comment on Diggers! I am glad I saw this thread! "Juice"???

I've been around a while and I'll be darned if I have ever seen a couple of characters like these two!!

Gotta admit tho, they have some nice areas to beep!


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