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Quit My Day Job, Going Prospecting

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Hi Guys,

I am posting to a few of my favorite forums but if this is off base just nuke it Bill.

It has been in the works for several years, but it happened kind of suddenly at the end. I realized recently I do not have to spend another winter in Alaska waiting for spring so I can go prospecting. Last week I turned in my resignation at the business I co-founded in 1976. My partner and I sold it to the employees a couple years ago, and I do think they can handle it now without me. They are a really great bunch of people.

Since I got into business while in high school I am a bit ahead of the curve. Too young to retire really, so time to just go do what I want to do full time, which is prospect and metal detect for gold and write. I have a dredging operation with my brother planned for this summer with lots of detecting possibilities on the side.

I have a lot of content I created scattered about the internet, much that I want to disassociate from any commercial websites, so I have set up my own website at DetectorProspector.com where I can host my stories, and sell my gold, used mining gear, and hopefully in the future my books. It is non-commercial and so I am trying to set up link trades with anyone interested HERE. I already have this forum listed and Bill's store also. If anyone else would like to trade links let me know. If I can build some traffic I can get a little income via Google Ads to help supplement everything else.

I will finally be moving to Reno this spring and my brother, the other prospector in the family, is in Phoenix, so I expect to be all over the western US when I am not in Alaska. Hope to finally meet up with a lot of you.

So with that I can well and truly say Happy New Year!

Steve Herschbach

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Not off base at all Steve and I wish you the best my friend and hey I'll be visiting your site to see what you are up to as well. This subject came up here a few days back after your facebook post so glad you took the time to tell all your friends here what you are up to as well. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories and you are more than welcome to post a link here when you have new material.!

Pretty sure you will do well at whatever you set out to do Steve and Happy New Year!

Cheers, Bill

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Good luck to you in your endevores.

You set yourself up well in advance and are now able to get out and do your thing :)

Hope to see lots of post with yellow stuff!

Tom H.

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Well Steve finally I get to see you over here for a change. Best of luck bro!

Rimshot aka Dreamer

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RE: Moving to Reno this spring...

Geez, there goes all the gold left in the lower 48.

Hope to see you out in the placers at some point, Steve!


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Thanks Bill!

And thank you everyone else for the kind thoughts and invites. I will be on the forum more often to keep up on what outings and events are planned. I am planning a major gold dredging operation for this summer in Alaska. I really enjoy metal detecting but drdging is a more consistent way to find gold, and I would like to get a lot of gold this summer! I just posted my plans with photos at my reactivated Steve's Mining Journal HERE if anyone is interested in what goes into planning a dredging operation. Lots of work but could pay off very well at current high gold prices.

Then down south in the fall when I can hopefully find an outing to visit with some of you.

Steve Herschbach

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