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Last Second Decision Pay's Off


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Well i'm sure someone has had this happen to them,your down to the last hour of day light and it's your last day before you call it a weekend thinking it's going to be a total bust (meaning no takie homie any goldie kinda of bust).So your on your way back to camp to load up the quad and all the gear,not even wanting to cook your last dinner before you head home because you were just served a mess of humble pie.(Mother nature's best).Now this is where making last minute decision's change every thing.So im heading back to camp and im coming up on a small wash crossing the road,and in my head at that very moment something told me to turn down the wash so i did. The Results of that last second decision










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WOW!!..........im sure glad you made that last second decision.

Thats fantastic.

Glad you got em :)

Tom H.

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I bet after you found those you were out there until dark and with your light on your hat!

That is a great find. Happy New Year

(Lve2fsh ... the wife might bury you but she will keep the nugget!)


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Looks like that something in your head was right! Congrats! What does it all weigh out at?

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Great Job T !!! Sure is a couple of wonderful finds.

Is that where you went instead of stopping by to see me?........If so, I'm sure I'll NEVER see you at my camp....LOL

Patrick .....

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