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Good day out with some Friends...and some gold :)


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Hey all:

Got to go out today and do a hunt with Mr. and Mrs. Bolderdash.

It was a great day out. Perfect weather.

We went up to owl wash.

Did a lot of scraping and digging. Black rocks alllll over. Lots of hematite, magnatite, and make your detector not right kind of rocks. But, we dug em out and scraped em off.

My friend got 7 (right side) with his GB2 and I was able to pop a nice little guy (left side) with the 5000 using the 5 inch coil.

Good time out and the good Lord blessed us with some gold :)

Looks like a good place to drywash and vac for sure .


Tom H.


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Yo Tom,

Sounds like it was a great day for everyone, nice nugs too... :head: And heck , you had the company of Mrs. Boulderdash :brows: Did you know that she owns a D-11 ? :Diggin_a_hole:

U should have come!!! Think of alllll the gold you missed.

This is the D-11 I want for Christmas next year! :)



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Yea we had fun even my wife snagged one nugget. Tom sorry I left my detector in your truck you better not charge a storage fee.

Im pulling the guts out of it right now to see how you can do so good with it...got all kinds of little electrical looking stuff laying all


I know you have some kind of magical fairy dust in it somewhere and im gonna find it!

Got to hand it to the Mrs....shes a digging son of a gun.

Hey..............guess what.....like we talked, he has my coat and was back in there. :)

It all worked out good :))))

Tom H.

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