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Possible Lake Champlain coral Fossil from North Hero Vermont

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This rock was found on the beach in North Hero Vermont at Knights Point. After studying some of the history of lake Champlain and its fossilized coral reef in Ferrisburg Vermont I am wondering if this is a fossilized coral specimen. It is quite heavy. North Hero is about 60 miles north of Ferrisburg. There have been many fossils found in the black shale surrounding the Lake Champlain Islands. Any thoughts, opinions would be appreciated.





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Hey Paul, as much as I have a great deal of respeck fer BB (bedrock bob), I'm pretty sure you got stromatolite fossils there. Less than 80 miles N. W. of you or lake champlain on the Ottawa river shore on the Gatineau side across from Ottawa there are huge fossilized stromatolite beds, this little map post-25539-0-44799700-1357446740_thumb.j is right here post-25539-0-48330300-1357446831_thumb.j, and from this image you can it's not so far from lake champlainpost-25539-0-13854100-1357446962_thumb.j, all part of yer region, and then these just look way too similar post-25539-0-49531600-1357447130_thumb.j. Mineralized fossils would be too altered in banded metamophic gneiss but metamorphic slates and schists are known to contain fossil but yer 20 ft. rock wall is likely to be limestone.

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