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Headed for Q!!!


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Fueled up and TH loaded,messages changed,wife working New Years day and asked why wait till Wednesday- I'm gone tomorrow night. I know Patrick, New Years eve; but I start my trek around 3AM and all the drunks are locked up or at home by then.

Notice put out at this moment, done did grocery shopping, no post on Patricks first nugget, no twice baked potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!! He has 16 hours to post pic!

It's pretty much an open area, gold has been found in the past; and hey! and all are welcome. Happy hour after 5 till bedtime (7) ;-)


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message machine says till 1.9.13

Good luck to you out there Shep :)

I got a little guy today and hope to get some more on Tues.

Going to do a lot of scraping and detecting.....gonna feel it on Wed for sure!

Tom H.

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Pics. I cant even get punctuation to work on this dang thing. Bottomline pottoe ze rock. Small pre5y gold. How do kids do this. See you friday

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Forget it Bill & Frank. It's too late. I can tell he's been into his "fine wine in a box"........... :ROFL:

Gotta love him anyway.

Patrck .....

Edited by Patrick in Havasu
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