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Went out for a few hours this morning and did a bit of detecting and even managed a 1.3 gram nugget for my efforts. It was about 5 inches deep and lodged in bedrock on a hillside behind a boulder.



Here it is after a mouth wash....


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Yup guys I am with you any nugget, nuglet, whopper, holy sh#% nugget, dink, or..... Is good gold and I'll take em. Nice thing about LSD is it is 5 minutes from home so it is all good :4chsmu1: Plus I won 2... count then... two bucks from a couple of my favorite hunting buds today as well with that little nugget :yesss:

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Glad you got out and got some :)

Heck......ive hunted all day and then I pop a sub grammer at the end and im like...YES!!! I got one!!!


GL to you out there.

Tom H.

Gonna be out roaming around tomarow...hope me buds pop a couple :)

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Hehehehehe more proud, it's all about the buck man :brows:

Yep its all about the Buck Bill and you were the lucky recipient today good going :thumbsupanim Lon and I just couldnt get the coil over a nugget today and it wasnt lack of effort either :nutty: oh well such is this game we call nugget shooting-you win some you lose some :idunno: Mike C... :200:

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Nice nuggie, Bill ... Can't wait 'til it warms up a bit to get out there ... But spending my time researching with G. Earth has me excited about some likely spots near LSD ... Cheers, Unc

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