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Best drywasher blower or puffer


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I have been reading everything out there and so much conflicting data. So question is between the two main drywasher types is there a productivity difference? Or is it all about noise? I know dry washing is not got 100% recovery rate or even 90% but between a blower and puffer is one better? Thank you for any help you can give.

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I'm not sure there is a answer to those questions, but a abundance of oppinions are available, lol. I will share mine. I have spent a lot of time working with many types of drywashers. For moving dirt, a blower will out preform a puffer. The question you have to ask yourself is " how hard are you looking to work". Also, what type of experience are you looking to have? I am passionate about the use of puffers. I'm 44, not in the greatest shape and not interested in killing myself while out. So, a puffer moves as much as I want to shovel. The noice is the single biggest issue for me. I will avoid groups running blowers. It's just the last thing I want to listen to on one of my days off. A puffer is easier to set up as well. I often fold mine down and put it and a small motorcycle battery in the backpack and walk into areas that most guys won't make at least to trips to get their blowers into. Another thing, less dust with a puffer. I'm not into whearing a dust mask all day. I absolutely love my desert wolf dry washers. I will put them up against any other washer for recovery rate. I have run the tailings off my friends blowers (and other puffers) and pulled gold.

It kinda comes down to this... if you want to get as much gold as possible. Get a big stallion, two friends with shovels and go crazy. If you want to enjoy a relaxing day in the desert decompressing from a long work week... get a nice quiet puffer and have fun.

One last thing. I have heard of rangers or BLM agents giving noise tickets out to guys with blowers in a effort to discourage prospecting. They can't pull that BS with a guy and his puffer. Thats my view.

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